Live Glass Show at Berengo Studio

Book your seat from the Infinity Vessel live glass blowing show at Berengo Studio, Murano. Two day event will be on September 18th and 19th at 20 PM. The visual designer of the show is Teemu Nurmelin.

The live show is a story of the hope that flies out of Pandora’s box after all the horrors released to the World. Artists have to have the conversation with their demons, the will to understand their responsibility for their choices as they sculpt their hope – the glass piece. With an act of glass making they are shaping the vessel to be whole once again. The circle is completed, a glimpse of paradise is created. The everlasting paradox will start the new round where the Infinity Vessel will be inevitably broken.

Address: Berengo Studio, Fondamenta dei Vetrai, 109, 30141 Venezia.

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