Contemporary Glass Meets AR and Holographic Art

Infinity Vessel by Finnish glass artists Sini Majuri and Marja Hepo-aho pushes the limits of the ancient art of glass by combining the field with technology, fashion and dance in productions that are mirroring the state of the society.

The project had the first show in Venice on September 2022. The triptych with an exhibition, show and a treasure hunt combined glass with multiple innovative technologies, such as augmented reality and holographic art. The next show will be arranged in Helsinki as the Infinity Vessel ballet welds glass together with dance and robotics. In June the project is taken to Detroit when the Infinity Vessel movie will be premiered in the Glass Art Society’s conference and in September the glass sculptures will walk the New York Fashion Week’s runway.

The projects crown is part of Corning Museum of Glass’s collection in New York. The wearable sculptures and interior artworks can be inquired by e-mail.

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