We are thrilled to announce that the Infinity Vessel short movie will be at GAS Detroit in June 2023! Infinity Vessel movie by Finnish glass artists Sini Majuri and Marja Hepo-aho is a modern interpretation of the myth of Pandora. The poetic story reflects on how individual is drifting away from humanity. Welcome to see the movie in the four-day Glass Art Society conference in Detroit that will gather the global glass community to celebrate collaboration and crossover in the Motor City. 

The movie is reflecting the myth of Pandora, how all evil is released into the world – yet hope always remains. The center of the story is a vessel with an embryo inside. The symbolism of a vessel can be seen as historical, cultural and personal in the movie. It is a lost paradise or womb where one can never return. It is paradoxically broken and whole at the same time. It is a moment of birth and death. Vessel is a fragile surface between an individual and the society. Artists are reflecting in Infinity Vessel movie the lovelessess in society, what happens to an individual when humanity and emotions are disconnected from the surrounding community. Artists are talking about intimate themes that everybody has to face in their life and societies. Eventually hope will appear and an endless capacity to fight injustice.

Special thanks to the movie team:

Craneworks Oy, Kari Alakoski, Juha-Matti Vahdersalo, Iiro Svanbäck, Mira Ollila, Elena Ilyina, Guilty Visuals, Riihimäen Nuorisoteatteri, Riihimäen Wanhalasitehdas

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