• Roboballet: The Dance of Death between Humans and Machines

    Roboballet: The Dance of Death between Humans and Machines

    Finnish artists Sini Majuri and Marja Hepo-aho created Roboballet, a dystopian tale of man and machine locked in a dance of death. The performance unfolds as ballet dancer Mira Ollila takes to the stage to engage in a battle with Boston Dynamics‘ fearsome Spot robot dog, a fight that is destined to end in tragedy.… Read more

  • Officers’ Club Suomenlinna

    Officers’ Club Suomenlinna

    An emerald-green tiled stove sparkles from the orange-walled hall. Beautifully patinated crystal chandeliers illuminate the space, which is full of historical portraits. We are at the Suomenlinna Officer’s Club planning a memorable evening for our Italian guests from Berengo Studio who will be visiting Finland! Asta Raussi, restaurant manager of the Officers’ Club, has designed… Read more

  • Dancing with a Robot

    Dancing with a Robot

    Our multidisciplinary team has dived into the world of robotics! We are excited that the American Boston Dynamics provided us their special software that makes the Spot robot dance and brings a new rhythm to the world of contemporary glass. The Roboballet piece that will open in Suomenlinna in February 2023 collides several fields of… Read more

  • GAS Detroit

    GAS Detroit

    Welcome to Detroit to see the Infinity Vessel short movie by Sini Majuri and Marja Hepo-aho. The poetic movie is a modern interpretation of the myth of Pandora. The story reflects on how individual is drifting away from humanity. Infinity Vessel movie is a part of four-day Glass Arts Society conference in Detroit that will gather… Read more

  • ArtMiami


    Welcome to see the Noa Milo sculpture at ArtMiami, Berengo Studio Stand n° AM512! Paradox – Noa Milo is a part of the Infinity Vessel project by glass artists Sini Majuri and Marja Hepo-aho Artists are reflecting lovelessess in society, what happens to an individual when humanity and emotions are disconnected from the surrounding community. Read more

  • Ballet in Helsinki

    Ballet in Helsinki

    When a machine looks back at us, what does it see? Join us on February 2023 at the Suomenlinna sea Fortress in Helsinki to see how dance artist Mira Ollila interprets the shades of humanity while dancing with a robot. Roboballet is a new chapter in the Infinity Vessel series by glass artists Sini Majuri… Read more

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