Officers’ Club Suomenlinna

An emerald-green tiled stove sparkles from the orange-walled hall. Beautifully patinated crystal chandeliers illuminate the space, which is full of historical portraits. We are at the Suomenlinna Officer’s Club planning a memorable evening for our Italian guests from Berengo Studio who will be visiting Finland!

Tilausravintola helsinki
The space where the Suomenlinna Officers’ Club operates is the oldest building in Finland originally built as an officers’ club. It was completed in 1876. Previously, a nobility club completed in 1812 was located in the same place.

Asta Raussi, restaurant manager of the Officers’ Club, has designed a dinner that will lead to the core of Finnishness, because food is the deep language of culture. Fish and of course exotic reindeer are the main courses!

The event brings the influencers of art and culture together, and opens the history of the Suomenlinna UNESCO site. In particular, we wanted to invite the operators of contemporary art museums, such as Kiasma and Amos Rex, as well as experts in the field of robotics to the event. This is the Berengo Studio’s first visit to Finland, therefore we definitely want to take them to special and rare places in Helsinki. Officer’s club has also arranged a traditional Finnish sauna With a crackling fireplace and candle light!

Roboballet group got to see the historical ballroom of the Officers’ club and the beautiful cabinet of Marshal Mannerheim. Old windows and portrait paintings make the hall mysterious. There is a beautiful old piano in the corner. And it was just wonderful to help carry the firewood to the sauna! Hopefully it snows so we are able to demonstrate all the sauna related traditions before the dinner starts!

The officers’ club Suomenlinna specialize in organizing unique events and celebrations.

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